Our Origin Story

In 2020, as we rolled profoundly into the depths of the pandemic, my husband and I embraced the separation from everyday life. We had each other and our work that nourished us and gave us purpose. But gradually, almost like a subtle deep ache that got a little louder day by day, we noticed what we missed the most were the small joys, the miniscule interactions, of daily, routine life. The infinitesimal moments that had punctuated life without trying; the microjoys.

Those had previously arrived in the form of a surprisingly personal exchange with a barista, a shared conversation with a stranger in the cereal aisle, an impromptu snack of samples at the grocery store. Smiles. Smiles were missing.

The absence of those really small things, those micro-things, not the big things like planes and travel and boisterous dinners at restaurants, were the things whose disappearance chomped little pieces of our souls right out, like tiny inchworms chewing through the garden. Leaving absent scars in the form of empty little pockets of space.

We realized that life’s contentment, even authentic happiness, grew from recognizing what we came to call microjoys.

When one would arise, we’d say “That’s a microjoy!”. We trained ourselves to identify all those moments when they happened. We practiced radical gratitude and embraced the practice of inhabiting teeny tiny spaces and making them boldface, italic, poster sized when they happened.

From this experience, the concept of Microjoy was created. It was impossible to celebrate the small
things when big things like anxiety, insomnia, depression, and the fear of illness were all around. In addition to our plant-based experience with hemp, we employed other support mechanisms like mushrooms and adaptogens and amino acids; matcha tea was permanently put on the daily menu; insomnia was battled with a larger arsenal of remedies outside the pharmacy. We sought to address our physical, mental, and emotional ills to actualize our well-being and to practice the recognition of microjoys. Joining the two together, as a lifelong practice, was the new normal.

So we created Microjoy – uncomplicated remedies that actually work and taste good; each formula created to address a specific challenge meant to be effective, quickly. Handmade in our facility, sourced from the best suppliers and created to help you unveil a more calm, well-rested, resilient version of yourself.