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Contest runs now through April 14, 2024 / 11:59 PT

Participating brands and full prize offerings

  • All three functional mushroom gummy formulas - Motivate, Concentrate & Hibernate - in 30 day supply pouches.

  • Mixed 6 pack of infused beverages plus a branded hat, shirt and stickers.

  • Three mushroom tinctures and one Lion's Mane Wonder Bar Chocolate Bar.

  • Six 4-serving meal packs including Dark Chocolate infused with herbs.

  • One 8 oz Elderberry and one 8 oz Citrus Fire Cider.

  • A mixed 12-pack of hops infused beverages.

  • Pan's Mushroom Jerky Ultimate Flavor Pack including five full bags.

  • Nite Caps and PM Gummies.

  • A full 3oz tin of chai and a branded tote bag.

  • Tinctures: 4oz Ashwagandha , 4oz Hero's Blend , 4oz Lionheart Blend.

  • Two 8oz Shrubs and one 8oz Elderberry Rosehips Fire Cider.

  • Allergy Defense Gummies, Allergy Defense Syrup with Nettle and Organic Elderberry Syrup with Honey.

  • 6-pack of organic Wellness Waters: naturally-sparkling, crystal charged, infused Oregon spring water with mushrooms and essential oils. 

  • One Wellness Sips Set.

  • Mixed 12-pack of infused, tropical beverages.

  • Three functional mushroom infused organic chocolate bars.

  • 4-pack of Zoom Out Mycology Mushroom tea tins.